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Crumpled Fabric

Phoenix Global Humanitarian Foundation is headquartered in Louisville, KY and was founded in 2008; our mission is to serve those who suffer from disasters, losses, and tragedies with love and compassion. Several diverse women have linked together forging bonds at Phoenix Global Humanitarian Foundation to ignite social change and empowerment across the fabric of identity, trauma-informed healing, crisis intervention and reliefeducation, research, and equity in their local communities and

far-reaching global impact

Trailblazing initiatives in the North American South, Midwest, and Southwest, Philippines, Japan, Spain, Thailand, Costa Rica, East-Central Africa, West Africa, and various Native American Nations to support

some of the globes most vulnerable populations through women-power, collective-giving, and

life-changing resources has fueled our

mission & vision.

Native Drums
Spices in Moroccan Market
Helping Hands
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