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Decoarated Chair
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Mrs. Ada Doss Campbell Scholarship Fund Gala 



Save the Date

Juneteenth Weekend


June 17th, 2023


Location TBA*

Tickets Launch May 17th


Join us for a celebratory evening in pursuit of justice, racial equity, and restoration

during this Bridgerton themed night of

"Bridging the Divide through Scholarship"


Travel back in time with a twist

and grace the halls

in your most illustrious & culturally appropriate attire

we welcome guests to indulge in the decadent fashions of the following eras


Baroque (early 1600s – circa 1750)

Rococo (late Baroque 1730 – circa 1770)

Georgian (1714 – circa 1837)

Regency (sub-era 1795 – 1837)


In addition to century-focused apparel

symbolic aesthetics that authentically represent and honor your own heritage

and affirm belonging and identity are desired



This is a noble affair

all proceeds will undergird specified scholarship fund initiatives**

The purple carpet awaits...






Be the Light

To honor the life of Mrs. Ada Doss Campbell, our “Be the Light” celebration is starting now in preparation for Juneteenth (6/17).

How you can support is to “Be the Light” for others and be a voice to the voiceless. Our “Be the Light” intentional candle comes in a 4oz tin with a delicious light lemon fragrance, topped with a clear quartz crystal (reiki infused by Reiki master Angela of Loving Karma), free shipping AND 30% of purchase will go to the Community Foundation of Louisville Scholarship Fund to support students in Social Work.

The Phoenix Global Humanitarian Foundation amplifies the many powerful stories of Mrs. Ada Doss Campbell through ongoing research, mental health awareness initiatives, community education opportunities, and wellness programs focused on racial healing, equity, and women's empowerment. 

Screenshot 2023-04-28 113244.jpg
Candle in Hands

& diversity

celebrate with us.

Thank You to Our Community Supporters & Partners
for igniting
academic excellence, belonging,
& social good through social work!

Temple Candles
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