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Gradient Light on Fabric



Mrs. Ada Doss Campbell Scholarship Gala 



Save the Date

Juneteenth Weekend


June 17th, 2023


Location TBA*


Join us for a celebratory evening in pursuit of justice, racial equity, and restoration

during this Bridgerton themed night of

"Bridging the Divide through Scholarship"


Travel back in time with a twist

and grace the halls

in your most illustrious & culturally appropriate attire

we welcome guests to indulge in the decadent fashions of the following eras


Baroque (early 1600s – circa 1750)

Rococo (late Baroque 1730 – circa 1770)

Georgian (1714 – circa 1837)

Regency (sub-era 1795 – 1837)


In addition to century-focused apparel

symbolic aesthetics that authentically represent and honor your own heritage

and affirm belonging and identity are desired



This is a noble affair

all proceeds will undergird specified scholarship initiatives**

The purple carpet awaits...






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