Dr. Renee Campbell, Maltinaa of Tolon  was askinned in December 2006 and given the responsibility of Development Chief for the Tolon - Village of Ghana West Africa.   Dr. Campbell therefore established the Maltinaa of Tolon Educational Empowerment Project on August 3, 2019.      

     Tolon is derived from the Eastern Dagomba dialect, “Tolung” which means delegate.  The Chief at that time because of his old age failed to go to war over attempts to win more territories of Dagbong.  The Chief delegated leading the war to a younger person, hence the title, “Tolum” meaning delegate. 

      Tolon is a town with members who are peace loving and friendly.  Seventy-five percent of the people are farmers and raise livestock.  The main crops are maize, rice, millet, groundnut, beans, cowpeas, cassava, sorghum, and yam. 

The Philosophy of the Maltinaa of Tolon Empowerment Project

Early childhood education has a direct effect on the development of children and effects their overall development, on into when they become adults. It is imperative that we invest in the children of Tolon now to reap the benefits of the future contributions. We must educate and encourage children who will become productive adults who give back and help and make their community grow and thrive emotionally, economically.  The education of these precious minds will positively impact the world.


What is the Maltinaa of Tolon Educational Scholarship Program (MOTEP)?

MOTEP’s is an educational scholarship program that educates children in K-1, K-2, and Kindergarten through the 8th grade.  The scholarships program was launched by Dr. Renee Campbell on August 2, 2019, in the village of Tolon-Ghana West Africa.  The scholarship provided 22 children per year with school fees, supplies, and uniforms.     

Who Are the Scholarship Recipients?

Scholarship recipients are live in the Northern region of Ghana in one of the poorest villages with the highest number of children who live in the street.  Applicants are recruited from the Tolon Community.  Two scholarships are reserved in honor of Madam Stella Ntori, who spearheaded and implemented the Girls Growth and Development (GIGDEV) Program in Tamale, Ghana.  These two scholarships are for former participants of the Girls Growth and Development Program who have children who are in kindergarten through the eighth grade and are not able to pay for primary education. The other slots are for member of the Tolon Community whose families who can’t afford to pay school fees, supplies and uniforms.   

Scholarship Application Process

Any member of the Tolon Community can apply for a scholarship by writing a letter to a member of the Educational Impact Committee, Trustees/Signatories, or Tolon-Naa.  The letter should state why education is important to the family, express need, and explain future goals.  The application process is respectful and supportive of applicants.  If possible, pictures are taken of all applicants, and all who are approved for scholarships.  Individual records are maintained. 

Approval and Disbursement of Scholarships 

The Educational Impact Committee reviews and approve applications.  After applicants have been approved by the Impact Committee, applications are presented to Dr. Renee Campbell, Maltinaa of Tolon, for the final “expressed approval.” Following approval, Tolon Naa Trustees disburse the scholarships.  All recipients will receive a scholarship through the Eighth grade, as long as they remain in good academic standing. 

Outcomes to Date

            Since August 3, 2019, the Maltinaa of Tolon Educational Empowerment Project has consistently provided twenty-three students, Kindergarten through Eighth grade  with scholarships that pay for school fees, supplies and uniforms.  The scholarship program is in its third year of funding. 


                                                       Let’s Create Together Foundation collaborated

      The Maltinaa of Tolon Empowerment  (MOTEP) is so thankful for the support of the  Let’s Create Together Foundation.  Let’s Create Together Foundation collaborated with the  Maltinaa Team in Ghana and provided scholarship beneficiaries of MOTEP with a “sumptuous breakfast” says Mr.Thomas Pang.  The beneficiaries received packets of pencils, t-shirts and words of encouragement from Maltinaa of Tolon through the team in Ghana. All recipients were very happy and excited for this great day. Thank you everyone for your continued support.


Scholarship recipients are in grades Kindergarten through the Eighth grade with a yearly scholarship that provides money for school fees, supplies and uniforms. 












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